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Unparalleled in the market by precision and production speed.

O.D. Wire : 0.12 to 1.0 mm

O.D. Spring : 1 to 12 mm

Spring Length : 3 to 100 mm

Different possibilities in hooks and loops

Max speed production : 120 ppm

Product File : CLS-10V

Videos : CLS-10V (1) ; CLS-10V (2) ; CLS-10V (3)

SF-1 : CNC 1 point coiling machine

Available for ultra fine wire less than 20 µm in diameter.

Feed roll of 16 mm in diameter & Ultimate short wire guide of 6 mm in length.

Enable to expand work range of ultra fine wire products.

Mec New Operation system gives user-friendliness, gaging function & multi-functional production management comes equipped with motor sensor “MSD-1″ that can gage 1/1000 mm.

Model is often used in the medical device (catheter manufacture, endoscope, …)

Coiling for wire ultra fine from 0.016 to 0.1 mm

O.D. max of the spring : 2 mm

Product File : SF-1


SH-8II : CNC 1 point coiling machine

Multifunction coiling machine w/1 Point + Torsion Attachment

Model changeover for more user-friendliness

MNO (Mec New Operation system) gives user-friendliness, measurement control and multiple production controls.

As free-length gage, choose suitable one from contact type sensor : Motor Sensor (MSD-1), non-contact type sensor : Capacitance Gage and Image Sensor for your needs.

Like the SH-3II model but with a greater capacity in wire diameter, this coiling is intended for the manufacture of springs of compressions and torsions in high production speeds.

In addition to some markets such as medical, this model is also very frequently used in the manufacture of springs for pencils with its production speed and high precision unmatched on the market.

O.D. Wire : 0.1 to 0.8 mm

O.D. max of the spring : 20 mm

Product File : SH-8II

Videos : SH-8II (1) ; SH-8II (2) ; SH-8II (3)

WH-8 : CNC 2 points coiling machine

Very cost-effective & user-friendly
CNC 2-points coiling machine originally-intended to replace mechanical coiling machines.

MNO (Mec New Operation) control system gives advanced operability, gaging and production control with multi-functions.

O.D. Wire : 0.2 to 0.8 mm

O.D. max of the spring : 28 mm or more

Product File : WH-8

Videos : WH-8 (1) ; WH-8 (2)


WH-16 : CNC 2 points coiling machine

Very cost-effective 7-axis, 2-points coiling machine.

Available for wire dia. 1.6 mm at max.

High production speed, High precision & Short setup time.

Easy Programming with pre-installed application software dedicated to compression spring part.

Rotary cutting included as standard;

Alternative forms : barrel, taper,…

O.D. Wire : 0.5 to 1.6 mm

O.D. max of the spring : 50 mm

Product File : WH-16

Video : WH-16

WH-26 : CNC 2 points coiling machine

Very cost effective machine available for up to wire dia. 2.6 mm having 8-axis with center base and rotary cut method.

No need to re-adjust cutting even though coil diameter is changed.

MNO (Mec New Operation) control system gives advanced operability, gauging and production control with multi-function.

Non-contact type gage sensor – Capacitance sensor comes with WH-26 as standard spec.

O.D. Wire : 0.6 to 2.6 mm

O.D. max of the spring : 70 mm

Alternative forms : barrel, taper,…

Rotary cutting included as standard

High production speed, high accuracy, fast adjustment


Product File : WH-26

Video : WH-26


High speed feed unit revolution mechanism

Quill/Feed unit moves back-and-forth

Main table divided into 2 sections up and down, and travel independently of each other from side to side.

Versatile movement with newly developed mechanism and 16 axis servomotor.

Forming is processed with only program once toolings are setup.

No need wrenches and spanners for fine adjustment.

MNO (Mec New Operation system) gives user-friendliness, gauging and multifunctional production management.

O.D. Wire : 1.0 to 2.6 mm

Product File : VM-26

Videos : VM-26 (1) ; VM-26 (2) ; VM-26 (3)


High speed forming machine w/wire revolving mechanism.

Available for up to diameter 4 mm.

Fluid&Vibration-free operation with Low inertia feed unit.

Fine adjustment can be made with only program after tooled-up.

O.D. Wire : 1.6 to 4.0 mm

Capacity Model superior to the VM-26 with the same features :

Product File : VM-40